FH – Flanged heater
7. September 2017
RKW – Railway point heater
7. September 2017

Immersion Heater Type EHK


Electrical heating element consisting of 3 u-shaped tubular heaters, which are brazed or welded onto a threaded nipple G 11/2 and can be supplied with a thermostat or / and a temperature limiter.

Surface loading Depending on the medium to be heated up to 25 W/cm²
Temperature resistance up to max. 850°C
Max. immersion depth 2200 mm
The immersion heaters
are equipped for the use
with 3-phase connection
400 V or with parallel
connection 230 V

Heating of liquid and gaseous media e. g. provision of hot water, boilers, oil heaters, air heaters.


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